We sure do! To complete your booking we require the signing of the contract along with a $250.00 non-refundable deposit. This deposit allows us to hold the date, DJ, and equipment for your event.

Can we meet you?

I would love to meet you in person or virtually! Whichever you prefer!

How long has your company been around?

We were established in 2017, and in the short time since then, we have exploded onto the scene already completing over 75 events and counting!

who is actually going to be my dj ?

Each event comes with it’s unique challenges. DJs are assigned specifically for each event based on music styles requested, mixing difficulty, and event complexity.

Do your djs work for you?

All Mike Drop DJs are contracted solely by Mike Drop Productions. This ensures that your DJ is never double booked.

do you do multiple events per day ?

Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life, and it’s equally important to us, therefore we don’t book multiple events for one DJ on that day.

What happens if you can't make my wedding day?

As per our contract, Mike Drop Productions will find a replacement deemed suitable by the client, in writing, at a price of no more than the original price.

how do you keep your music up to date?

We are part of multiple DJ pools which release music for DJs on a daily basis. We also have a vast library of songs from CDs, as well as a streaming service that integrates with our DJ software to make sure we have every request!

can i tell you what not to play?

When your booking is confirmed, I will send you a questionnaire to fill out. This includes a “Must-Play” list and a “Do Not Play” list. Feel free to fill each out with as many songs as you want. Remember though, just because you hate a song, doesn’t mean your guests will!

do you take requests ?

We offer an amazing text request service at all of our events. That, along with our music streaming integration, allows us to access almost every single requested song.

we have a specific song we want, do you have it?

The best way to ensure that we have your exact song is to send it to us! We will gladly accommodate any song edits you may need. We will NOT accept any music files on the day of.

can you accommodate instruments ?

If you would like to have a piano or guitar play some music during your event, we will gladly set it up for you. You must let us know at the time of booking. We do not provide support for full bands.

what do you wear to my wedding

All DJ’s will wear dress pants, dress shirt, and tie. If event is outdoors in hot weather, DJs may opt for dress shorts.

do you take breaks ?

No. We may need to use the restroom, but we will be back before the end of the song. None of our DJs smoke. 

what do you require from us for your setup?

The contract states that the clients shall provide a 10×10 area within 15 feet of a power supply. Power supply must be at least two outlets, designated solely for the DJ, and with 15amp breakers in known locations. If outdoors, a generator shall be provided.

are you insured ?

Yes, we carry 2 million dollars of liability insurance as well as equipment insurance.

do you display a sign or banner?

Yes. We display a simple black banner with the Mike Drop logo. This covers the front of our table right down to the floor to help hide the cords required for the setup. 

What is your cancellation policy ?

If cancelled more than 60 days before the event, only non-refundable deposit is kept. If cancelled between 30 and 60 days before the event, 50% of quote is due at cancellation. If cancelled less than 30 days before the event, 100% of quote is due at time of cancellation.

can i get a refund?

We will only consider a partial refund if we didn’t deliver what was outlined in the contract.

how long does it take for you to setup ?

We typically require 1-2 hours of uninterrupted time to setup. This allows us to take our time and ensure all the details are perfect.